Offbeat Health

“Offbeat Health is a resource for people who want to think logically about health, fitness and the environment. My name is Abby and I constantly research the true meaning of healthy eating and living. I live my life differently and I want others to wake up and try something different, too. My sole purpose of Offbeat Health is to help others live to their full potential through feeling great everyday. I love life and feel truly happy inside and out. Happiness is contagious – if others see it, they want it! You should have it too, by reading this blog, I am hoping I can spread the love (or health). I spend so much of my time reading, watching and talking about health – I figure I will save you some time and consolidate it into one handy source – Offbeat Health!

This is not a weight loss blog, but if you live a lifestyle full of body awareness and true body nourishment, you will lose weight and be happier. My approach to health is through logic. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t do it. Although, some things that make no sense we cannot escape from (such as Fluoride in our drinking water), there are still ways to minimize exposure. With this knowledge, together we can fight the things that have come about through selfishness, greed, and pure stupidity.

You may not agree with everything I post, but my only request is that you are open-minded enough to consider the ideas and to do your own research on the topics. It is time! Wake up people – don’t trust others with your health. Think for yourself, think “offbeat.”

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