4 seasons special event rentals

You deserve a Free Rental!!!

As Special Events Are Planned  we know about family, friends and the loyalty behind great relationships. That’s why we want to provide your friends and family with the same great experience you had with your Special Event Rentals. Help us build and expand our customer relationships and let us reward you!

Our Referral Program

Every time you refer a friend or family member to 4 Seasons Special Event Rentals we will give you a 5.00 credit toward a future rental. That’s right, 5.00 to use on any of our products! All you have to do is tell your friend or family member to let us know who they were referred by and when the rental has been conceived our system will automatically issue you a 5.00 future credit!

There are no limits on how many credits you can receive and you may redeem them any time you wish.


In appreciation of your support, 4 Seasons Special Event Rentals will conduct a monthly lottery for one free bounce house rental. All you have to do to qualify is refer us one friend or family member. The winner will be chosen at random on the fifteenth of every month and will be given a free rental on a bounce house of their choice. All you have to do to participate is to give the friend or family member a special code, which is the invoice number of your last order from us. They give us the code and you’re registered! That’s it! In turn if they rent from us we will give them a 5% discount!

The free rental may be redeemed any day except for Holiday�s or Holiday weekends. We only ask one thing…Invite as many kids and parents as you can think of and HAVE FUN!

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